We help transporters, exporters and importers to save time by improving the planning process, traceability & transparency in the chain

Everything under control

Software & IT

We ensure that your data is made insightful and transparent in order to be able to make the right decisions.


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Digitizing administrative flows

Dashboards for better results

Get more insights from your own data thanks to business intelligence and a customized BI dashboard!

Make optimal use of all your data to achieve the best results.

Companies that work data-driven experience the following benefits:

Control Tower

Real-time insight into your outgoing, incoming or transport movements guided by you!

As the IoT connects things together, this platform connects the points using Smart Contracts and Blockchain principles.

We help our clients transform a landscape of dispersed systems & sources of data into a unified platform of aggregated, real-time and actionable information. Proven inefficiencies lead to continuous improvements and immediate returns on investment.

Transparency and overview in the Supply Chain

For Transporters

Artificial Intelligence planning - Integrated machine learning

AI provides solutions for small and medium-sized transport companies. This innovation ensures that your service continues to improve and you save costs. For example by automating route optimization and track & trace options, and also;

For Importers, Exporters & Forwarders

Real-time monitoring of the cold chain

The only green (recyclable) and affordable solution on the market

Autonomous sensors that record and transmit data in real time on temperature, humidity, light, shock, location

Real-time monitoring of the cold chain

Maritime Logistics

Overview, collaboration and management. Unravel the data hidden in your logistics chain. Collaborate with customers, partners and employees to optimize your ocean freight. Active and used by logistics experts in 115+ countries.

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